Sky is the limit, National Network Airtime, Multiple Seasons, Awards, Syndication… all that and a Bag of Chips!

January 7, 2010


New York, NY_ Janaury 7, 2010-  “I was hustling as an actor in NY and doing some hosting for an online music show called Dollar Van Demos. The show would feature upcoming rappers, singers and musicians performing live in a 16 passenger taxi van in Brooklyn. While hosting I met and heard from many different artists on their struggle to make it big. I thought it would be a great idea for a TV show.”

For some the road to Fame & Success is built on a house of mistakes, failures, and hardships. Everybody wants The American Dream but nobody wants the Nightmares that go with it. How hard will you work, what sacrifices will you make, and how far will you go to get what you want? This ain’t American idol and this ain’t Reality TV! For three starving artist we watch their lives collide while seeking their most wanted desires. We watch “The HUSTLE”.

I had an opportunity to sit down with actor, producer, director and writer Vladimi Versailles (NBC’s The Philanthropist, Mooz-Lum) to discuss his brand new 1 hour Drama for Television The HUSTLE. While reading the first ten pages of The HUSTLE I found myself craving another page as if I was gasping for a breath of fresh air after having my head submerged in water. This script sinks you in from the first couple of lines.

“Vlad” as he likes to be called is a Philadelphia\ New York “The Best of Both Worlds” native. Post graduation Vlad set off with his best friend to Haiti to shoot an independent documentary with gorilla style filmmaking tactics. Fate took Vlad into a world of Filmmaking as soon as he stepped foot on the plane to meet a coalition of actors from LA organized by high-profile director Paul Haggis (Crash). Vlad was able to attain footage for his documentary which is in post –production from a-list celebrities Josh Brolin (W., No country For Old Men) Maria Bello (Towelhead, coyote Ugly), Michael Stahl David (Cloverfield), Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes).

While sitting down with Vlad The Come-up Magazine had a couple of questions for him:

So Vlad, how do you think viewers are going to take this show?
“I think viewers are going to identify with the show and characters no matter what walk of life there coming from. The Hustle is the struggle to make your dreams come true. Many people can relate to hard work, obstacles, and circumstances that come with striving for success. This show represents the Everyman.”

 There some rapping and singing going on in the show…. Did you ever aspire to be a music artist?
“Of course I have…. Growing up I wanted to be like Nas, Jay Z, and 50 but I found that to make it back then you had to be a serious gangster. I was an artist so I had no street credibility. I never let the dream go and delved into the complexity of being a rapper. I found it more artistically satisfying to play one because the dynamic nature of their characters.”

When I read the pilot I see the characters face a myriad of obstacles and conflicts. What kept you going when times got tough for you?
“I gotta be honest and give all recognition to God. He has kept me from day one motivated and focus. If it wasn’t for him being the center of my life I would have threw in the towel a long time ago. He gives me hope when the world I live in seems hopeless.”

Where do you see the Hustle going?
“Sky is the limit, National Network Airtime, Multiple Seasons, Awards, Syndication… all that and a bag of chips!”

Vladimi Versailles is in Partnership with Marie Powers & Olives Investment Group (MPO) which specializes in numerous investment opportunities from Photographic brand based Marketing investments to Theatrical IP Holding, and Motion Picture and Television capital investment programs. With the determination, talent and a focus that some say is the eye of the tiger, Vladimi Versailles’s HUSTLE will lead him into great success.